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001:Name: Alice
002:Age: 25
003:Location: I moved around all my life. I've lived more than half of my life in Taipei, and bits and pieces in Hong Kong and New York. But I found my home in LA =)

004:Favorite stores to shop in (list at least 5): Forever 21! I'm not a big boutique person anymore. I don't believe in spending money on clothes, haha! But I spend a ton on shoes and hand bags. I like my Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman (NY), and Downtown LA Fashion District for exotic finds
005:Whats your style? I don't think in terms of style. I'm protean.
006:Favorite outfit? pink punk dress
007:Favorite designer brand? Cesare Paciotti, Manolo Blahnik, Miuccia Prada, Karl Lagerfield, Dolce & Gabbana, Miss Sixty, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger
008:Favorite accessory? years ago, it used to be this silver serpent ring I wore on my left index finger. nowadays, his great-grandmother's diamond ring ;)
009:Favorite brand of makeup? Bare Ecsentuals, Chanel, Shu Uemura
10:The one accesory/item of clothing/makeup you wish you could have: I don't know. If I wanted something that bad, I'd get it, haha.
11:How many times do you go shopping a month? Not very often, 2-3 times? I'm way too busy with school.
12:How much makeup do you wear? Very, very minimal. I wear a bit heavier for a wedding or black-tie event.
13:How old were you when you started wearing makeup? I seriously couldn't wear any make-up until I was 20 or so. I had very sensitive skin that gave me rashes and all the nasty stuff =P
14:Do you like abercrombie,Hollister, &/or American Eagle? I think Abercrombie is over-rated.
15:Do you like Hot Topic? No, it's like a everyday Halloween store. And besides, it's way over-priced for its quality.
16:Straightened hair, or scrunches hair? Japanese magic straight-perm
17:Your favorite way to wear your hair? Thank God for straightening... just wash and go! I never have to brush or comb it. I love it.
18:Best Lipgloss? Still in the process of finding a good one. Currently using Wet and Wild, and it works fine.
19:Favorite shampoo? L'anza long hair formula
20:Favorite brand of shoes? Manolo Blahnik, hands down. Cesare Paciotti is a close second.
21:Favorite perfume? I can't wear perfume because I'm allergic =P I'm a problematic person. I wear lotions though. I love anything that smells like green apple.
22:Favorite thing to do in your spare time? read, yoga, DJ, play video games, sort out my clothes cause I have way too many...
23.Own any designer bags? Most of my bags are designer. I have the one LV red cherry blossom papillon I absolutely adore, around 7-8 Prada's, 5-6 Fendi's, 1 Gucci, 1 Tods... most of them received as gifts because my aunt is in this fashion business for like 20 years
24.Fashion wise, do you tend to follow the crowd and wear whats "in" or are you original? I don't follow fashion and I think the word "fashion" does not truly apply to me. I will wear anything that I think is visually pleasing. Trend or not, I will continue to wear it even if it's considered "out of style."
25:How do you feel about fake designer bags? I cannot understand why anyone would get one. I don't support it. I mean, it's bad enough to want to get an expensive designer bag. It's worse to use a fake one because you want to look... rich?
27.What designer do you think is most overused? Burberry, Fendi, Gucci, Coach, and Dior -- about the same. I despise logo patterns. If I really have to pick one, then it's Coach.
28.Underused? Cesare Paciotti. Their boots are divine, and their shoes last!
29.What do you think will be the next trend? the 50's mod culture
30.What do you think was the stupidest trend? leg warmers, UGGS

31.Tell us how you feel about the following and whether or not you own anything from them.
Gucci? Don't like very much. It's too "old" and not getting innovative. It was revived only for a short while because of the pant suits. See how fast that died.
Chanel? I love it. The classiest brand. And I love the fact that they make things exclusively for women. I have a ton of stuff from makeup, shoes, to snow goggles
Dior? I don't understand the hype at all. I personally don't find the pink girly things appealing either, even though I love pink. And if there's one thing I really don't like is the repeating logo patterns...
Dooney & Bourke? I've never heard of them, but I should look it up sometime.
Louis Vuitton? I hated the brown pattern bags. But ever since Murakami came and it changed my perspectives. I still dislike any of the brown logo patterns, though.
Dolce & Gabbana? The colors! The cut! The fabric! These guys are genius.
Betsey Johnson? 30-year-old girl going 13. Not for me. Too pricy for its quality.
Fendi? I love the bags, even the patterned ones are somewhat more tolerable than the others for some strange reason.
Prada? I love the shoes. I have a lot of their bags too.
Diesel? Don't wear it.
Burberry? I never liked it because of the plaid pattern.
Juicy Couture? No opinion. Maybe because I know very little about it.
BCBG? Not really.
Jimmy Choo? I'd go for a pair of Manolos any day.
7 for all Mankind? I don't wear jeans, almost never, ever.
Von Dutch? Don't wear it.
Marc Jacobs? I like him.
Coach? I can't stand this brand. Really. Some of the python bags are only marginally tolerable. The logo pattern ones just... well, I don't know. Maybe I'm genetically engineered not to like them.
Versace? Too much colors! Too much use of gold!
Manolo Blahnik? Words cannot do this brand justice. His shoes are wearable art. And comfortable too!
Ralph Lauren? Not my brand.
Kate Spade? Don't wear it.
Lacoste? Not my brand.
Paper Denim? I don't wear jeans.
James Perse? No opinion.
Trunk Ltd? No opinion.
Any others? Not at the moment.

Atleast 3 pics. (of you, clothes, shoes, bags..)

American Star - modeling #1
American Star - modeling #2
Mandee Johnson - Madhatter

My Manolos
My Chanel sunglasses
My Chanel snow goggles
My Louis Vuitton red cherry papillon bag

something silly...

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