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001:Name - Victoria
002:Age - 19
003:Location: Moscow, Russia

004: Favorite stores to shop in (list at least 5): Moschino, Kenzo, Iceberg, Prada, John Richmond.
005: Whats your style? Depends on the situation, but I prefer expensive but casual wear..i mean jeans, sports shoes, don really understand high heels as an everyday wear…maybe cuz of the roads in Ru))
006:Favorite outfit?(pics) - not available..((
007:Favorite designer brand? I’ve already wrote, but at least two of them..Moschino, Iceberg.. They are different but I like them both..
008: Favorite accessory?
iPod U2
009: Favorite brand of makeup? Dior, Channel. Also I like Lancôme mascara, and I adore l’Or face powder with shiny elements..))
10: The one accessory/item of clothing/makeup you wish you could have: I guess Luis Vuitton watches..)
11:How many times do you go shopping a month? Hm..approximately 5 times..
12: How much makeup do you wear? Mascara only.. sometimes shadows..
13: How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 15..
14: Do you like Abercrombie, Hollister, &/or American Eagle? I’v never heard of them in Russia…
15:Do you like Hot Topic? No..not my style..
16: Straightened hair, or scrunches hair? I have curly now..but I’m going to make a hair cut..wanna smth new..)
17: Your favorite way to wear your hair? I do smth to my hair every day..usually I use gel and get the effect of wetness and volume..
18: Best Lipgloss? I prefer clarins and HR..
19: Favorite shampoo? Ultra Doux forever!!!
20: Favorite brand of shoes? Vicini, Prada, Lacoste..
21: Favorite perfume? Ralph Lauren Romance only..)
22: Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Sport, reading, parties..
23. Own any designer bags? I always wanted to by LV one..but in Ru they all cost more than $2000..!!
24. Fashion wise, do you tend to follow the crowd and wear whats "in" or are you original? Never considered crowd as a guiding point,,vice versa, hate being like others..i always have smth special.)
25: How do you feel about fake designer bags? “Censored”.)) once I’ve read that they produce fake bags themselves, to increase sales..))
27. What designer do you think is most overused? R. Cavalli.
28. Underused? LV.
29. What do you think will be the next trend? In Russia..)) hm, I guess, strongly tanned ppl ..with vertically standing curly hear like blacks have..))
30. What do you think was the stupidest trend? Return to soviet times..with dresses and table-clothes made of the same material..
31.Tell us how you feel about the following and whether or not you own anything from them.
Gucci – like caps..bags become dirty soon..
Chanel – marvelous, the best,..but later))
Dior – can say nothing special..i like dresses..
Dooney & Bourke – not my piece of cake..
Louis Vuitton – respect this lable..really like everything they produce..
Dolce & Gabbana – sometimes they forget about the harmony..don’t like jeans..
Betsey Johnson – don’t wear and not going to..
Fendi – not bad, especially bags..
Prada – shoes, bags..marvelous..
Diesel – wore before..
Burberry – dull..donno why, but not for me..
Juicy Couture? – not famous in Russia
BCBG? – like clothes which is hard to identify..
Jimmy Choo? Never wore.. never wanted..
7 for all Mankind – can’t comment on it..we don’t have it in Russia..
Von Dutch – simply no..don accept it.
Versace – watching..but after I try it on I lse the interest to the thing..
Manolo Blahnik – I like red shoes..) others no..
Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Coach, James Perse, Trunk – al these brands don’t seem interesting to me..they were left somewhere outside the limits of my attention..
Lacoste – have white boots ..comfortable and pretty..but the collection itself didn’t attract my attention.
Paper Denim – I have pants..i’ve bought them cuz of yellow buttons)
James Perse?
Trunk Ltd?
actually I’m very loyal to some brands..i don’t like to change them, if I really like what they do..
Moschino, Kenzo – very colorful and happy, like all their collections, Kenzo has very nice scarves..
Iceberg – like it for pink panther and beautiful belts.. )

Atleast 3 pics. (of you, clothes, shoes, bags..)
I hope I’ll be able to o it I’ve lost the charger for my camera..(( they say that it’ll be shipped only in 1, 5 monthes!!! I hate Russian customhouse..just can describe, I have some skirts and jeans by moschino, Richmond, lots of clothes by Patrizia Peppe and Max mara..also glasses by Max mara and hat by Max&Co, sunglasses by Moschino..t-shirts by Dior, Iceberg, Moschino, shoes – lacoste, vicini.

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